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Don't worry about your IQ

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Are you an emotional person? Yes or no answer only. Choose an answer and then read.

The human brain works in mysterious ways. Largely, the working of the brain was unknown to us until recent times. And because of that a lot of misconceptions have become a part of our day to day life. One of those misconceptions is the question you answered in the beginning. The question is absolutely wrong because it does not need an answer. Each one of us is emotional. And if your immediate answer was "No", it was an emotional answer. Let's clear the misconceptions for you -

1. Emotion is not the gooey feeling that you have when you see a love story. IT'S NOT.

2. Emotion is the automatic response which makes you to act based on your mind through experiences and evolutionary learning. You can't be human without emotion. Emotion is the trigger for action. Without emotion you will keep thinking without doing anything, like a computer screen frozen and calculating forever.

How Brain Works?

The brain has two parts -

  1. Cerebellum: which works like a fast electronic Encyclopedia of questions and answers

  2. Cortex: which works like a slower and very careful energy consuming computer

The signal from any external stimulus travels first to the Cerebellum. In the Cerebellum, the brain checks the Encycopedia for a quick ready answer. Example - your head hits the wall, you immediately without even thinking press your hand against the head to reduce pain and swelling and prevent bleeding, if any. This is called emotional response. It works like a table .... something like this -

Cerebellum goes through the table and tries to find the correct answer quickly

The signal also travels to the Cortex simultaneously and then your computer calculates what should be the correct response. It takes time to calculate and verify different possibilities and then gives you an answer. Based on this answer, you take action. Example - how much is 17 multiplied by 29? Your cortex starts calculating. This is rational response.

Cortex is a computer which takes time and lot's of energy to calculate answers

Emotional Intelligence

Now imagine, if you are not emotional, everything will go into your computer - the Cortex. Your Prefrontal Cortex will keep working continuously - calculating heavily for every small thing and every big thing. This will make you tired quickly and you will not be able to think after some time. You will be like this image below - tired and flat and frozen.

When Cortex gets confused like this, you give an emotional response like avoiding the topic and walking away

So, emotion is what helps you reduce the effort of thinking and helps you get more things done and get them done quickly and efficiently. Remember habits? Yes habits also go into your Cerebellum. They become your automatic emotional response. Example - every time you get confused & stressed while studying you automatically pick up the phone and start browsing Facebook and Instagram to avoid stressful work. That's a poor emotional response.

Again, are you emotional?

If your immediate answer to the question was "No", it means that your Encycopedia has a misconception that Emotion is something soft which you do not like. And so it reads in the Encycopedia table quickly and finds the misconception answer and immediately says "No". This is your quick automatic emotional response.

When you don't understand something in class, you know you want to ask the question but you don't. This is a sign of low "emotional intelligence". Your encyclopedia knows you should ask a question but you are not able to act on that response. Train yourself to ask questions, this is a must for success in any field and most importantly for education.

The power of "Emotion" is that it does not require too much effort. It is quick and automatic so it saves a lot of time also. If you make habits and train your "emotional intelligence" with habits you can conserve a lot of energy for difficult tasks. "Emotional Intelligence" is measured by "Emotional Quotient" i.e. EQ. EQ is today much more important than IQ because the heavy calculations are all done by Google and Computers, not your brain.

It has been scientifically proven that IQ has no impact on success of students. High EQ on the other hand has a very strong impact on you success.
Warning: Trolling others and sharing trolls on WhatsApp is a very dangerous activity which makes you emotionally stupid. Stop it. It's destroying your intelligence and also the society.

you want to check your emotional intelligence, here is a free short test - answer honestly for yourself and learn. Click here. Today's bonus video shows you the interesting technique invented by the great Professor Richard Feynman which can help you learn faster and better. Remember, watching videos is not enough - practice makes perfect. 😊 There is another great video about the best efficient methods to study. Use your Sunday to improve yourself. All the best.

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