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What about ........ Sports?

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Read this article and then watch the video at the end. Hope you enjoy it!

I have seen the excitement on your faces when it's time for PT period. The way you run to the ground excited and find it difficult to stay in a line and stay disciplined. It's not just you, every student who has been in your position in the past did the same.

We all know you enjoy the time on the field. The freedom, the energy to get that goal or hit that four or win that race. It's always beautiful to watch. It's not a coincidence that when the Indian Cricket team play's millions of Indians watch them on TV.

But what is it about Sports that so many of us love playing or even watching it? What do we get to learn from Sports? Why do you even have a PT period? Let's have a look. And then watch the interesting video below - a lesson from sports, a lesson about life as it should be lived.

Sports has two aspects - one personal and second social.

Personal level

Watching and playing sports gives you an opportunity to physically improve and exceed your abilities. This is a genetic need carried down by ages of evolution because our ancestors had to fight animals and hunt for food which needed physical fitness. But the most important thing is that sports and the excitement that comes with it is due to hormones released in your body. One of the hormones is this one -

This is Dopamine. Comment the IUPAC name of this compound in comments below. I hope my students who have learnt Organic Chemistry from me get it right! :)

Dopamine is released when you are excited, more when your team wins and even more when you score the winning goal. Have you seen them shouting and running away after scoring a goal? It is because of Dopamine. Release of Dopamine in the body is most important for better focus and memory. This is why sports is an essential part of your educational curriculum.

Inter-Personal Level

What happens if Rishabh Pant drops a catch? He can single handedly lead to losing the whole match. But is it possible for Rishabh Pant to single handedly win the match if the batsman on the other end keeps getting out? No it's very rare. Take another example. A goal keeper makes a mistake and the team loses but rarely can one player single handedly take the ball from the goal keeper and go and score against 11 players of the other team.

It's the same in every team sport. Your mistake can lead to a loss for your team but you cannot individually make the team win. It's rare, close to impossible. This is what Sports teaches us. When you are working with a team - standing in morning assembly or practicing in a team for drama in school, quiz preparation or at your job in future or building your own company - an important thing to remember is that you are not doing it for yourself. You do it for the team. And if your mistake causes a setback to the team, you do not have to run around alone to get back. Your whole team will support you and perform even better to create more opportunities and snatch victory from jaws of defeat.

This is the life lesson from sports. Don't try to do it alone. Work in teams. This way you will enjoy the success even more. But don't try this in exams!

Enjoy this video of the great actor Al Pacino from the movie Any Given Sunday!

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Monkv Yasaa
Monkv Yasaa
11 abr 2022

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Alka Singhal
Alka Singhal
27 jun 2021

Outstanding story..👌😇

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Dr. P.K. Singhal
Dr. P.K. Singhal
27 jun 2021
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Thank you so much for your valuable comment 😊

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